A review of e-cigarettes

There are a ton of reasons to switch over to using e-cigs instead of regular tobacco cigarettes. For one thing, it’s considered to be much healthier for you, although this is something that some people will dispute. I however feel much better after making the switch, and have noticed my teeth are whiter, I cough less, and even my skin has improved. So that’s enough proof for me.

white cloud fling ecigsAnother reason e-cigarettes are a good idea is because they cost less. Sure, you need to buy batteries and cartridges, but when you do the actual math, you’ll find that you end up saving hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a month by using electronic cigarettes.

Last but not least, I find e-cigarettes to be more fun. You have many more flavors to choose from. If you enjoy the taste of tobacco, you can select many tobacco based flavors. On the other hand, there are other great flavors such as watermelon, coffee, chocolate, or vanilla if you want to try something different.

Choosing an e-cig can be a difficult process given that there is a learning curve to understanding what components you need. Granted, there are tons of highly complex e-cig setups, but I don’t think it’s necessary to over-complicate things. My opinion is that you should just get a starter kit. In most cases, they cost less than 40 dollars and will give you everything you need. Just about every e-cigarette manufacturer offers starter kits, but I like the ones from White Cloud. This company offers a line of high quality batteries and cartridges. The flavoring for the cartridge offered by White Cloud are quite nice, compared to a lot of other cartridges I have tried over the years. And I like their batteries because they seem to hold a charge much longer than the products offered by competitors.

All in all, I think White Cloud is a good company if you’re new to e-cigarettes and just want the basic components to get started. What’s also nice is that there are White Cloud coupons you can use to get an extra 10% off your order.

I hope you enjoy trying out e-cigarettes. You’ll save money and feel better, and that’s truly a win-win situation as far as I’m concerned.

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