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photographyI have been a photographer and designer for some time now. It can be pretty expensive at times. Some of the things I need to spend a ton of money on are:

  • Cameras – I currently have 3
  • Software – Mostly I just use Photoshop, but as you know this is an expensive program that costs $600.
  • Computers – To do serious photo-editing, you need a good computer with a fast CPU and tons of RAM
  • Accessories – Tripods, lighting stands, etc.
  • Printers and Ink

Don’t get me wrong – I love what I do and wouldn’t change what I do for anything. But I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that sometimes I wished things could be cheaper.

Not long ago, I started doing the vast majority of my shopping on the Internet in an attempt to save money. Yes, I’ve made some mistakes, but in the long run I have learned a lot and feel I now have the proper tools to get discounts online on a regular basis.

In the posts that follow, I will be sharing some of the tips and tricks I used to get bargains whenever I shop online.


Why you owe it to yourself to try photoshop and online printing services

Every designer and photographer I’ve ever met uses Adobe photoshop. Does this mean it’s the best photo-editing software out there? Possibly. To be fair, there are some programs out there that are comparable, such as GIMP. But as a professional, I cannot recommend using such programs, no matter the fact that they may be cheaper or even free. Why?

If you work within the industry, everyone uses Photoshop, so you put yourself at a disadvantage if you don’t use the same tools. For example, how are you going to collaborate or communicate effectively with other photographers or designers who use Photoshop? To be at the top of your field, you simply must become an expert at Photoshop. Furthermore, if you use Photoshop, exporting files for use in printing projects, whether it be for brochures, postcards, or business cards, is a cinch. It doesn’t matter if you use digital printers or offset printers – all of them are familiar with accepting photoshop files. Some top print shops that are easy to work with when you use Photoshop are Uprinting, Vistaprint, and Overnight Prints, to name just a few.

overnight prints quick online printingI like to use books to learn photoshop since this allows me to go at my own pace. However, I also know that many people like to use the training tools available at For those of you who don’t know, is a website that provides tons of training videos, which you can watch if you sign up with the site. Fortunately, the site is cheap to join, costing only $25. Once you join, you can watch as many videos as you like.

If you have not tried out photoshop, I recommend getting the free trial and checking out the program for yourself. I think you’ll quickly discover that it is an invaluable resource that you should not be without.

Once you prep your files in photoshop, the best way to get some fast, cheap printing performed is by turning to an online printing company like Overnight Prints. I prefer to use this company because of its speed a professionalism. For everything that it offers, Overnight Prints is also reasonably priced, especially if you take advantage of coupons.


What sort of dating site should you choose?

There are so many dating sites these days that it can make your head spin. A common question new online daters may have is which site they should choose. The answer to this question is not as simple as you might think, as it depends on the type of person you are.

woman dating on eharmony
Despite the plethora of dating sites, there are only a handful of them that are worth joining in my opinion. First off, I like to eliminate the free sites, as the members on those sites seem to be flakier in my experience. Among the paid dating sites, I like to eliminate the smaller ones since there tends to be too little activity on them.

This leaves us with the larger, well-known sites such as eHarmony,, Lavalife,, and perhaps a couple others.

Next, you need to determine what your goals are. If you want marriage, then eHarmony is well-known for helping people start out a serious romantic relationship. On the other hand, more casual daters will prefer a site like or Lavalife.

Make sure you use these free trial offers for or eHharmony if you decide to join either site -

Unfortunately, you won’t really understand which site is the correct choice for you until you actually try it out. The good news is that most dating sites will give you the opportunity to test drive their service. But how do you do this? It’s actually quite simple. All you need to do is visit a coupon or free trial site and look for a free trial offer for the dating site you are interested in. You might also want to head over to sites which give you links to free trials of all the big online dating sites.

Go her for more information on online dating.


Different ways to enjoy video games in the modern world

gamefly rental service
More than ever, you have many different choices when it come to playing video games. And while the cost of playing video games can get quite high, there are many ways you can enjoy games cheaply as well. Let’s take a look at some of my favorite ways to have a great time playing games without having it cost you a ton of money.

As you know, to play video games, you typically need to buy a console such as playstation or Xbox. This alone can cost hundred of dollars, and popular new game releases also cost quite a bit of money. For this reason, one thing you can do is play games on your PC. You will often have to buy an enhanced graphics card, but if you buy them used, you can often get a pretty good deal on places such as Ebay. Once you have a PC setup to play games, there are a ton of free MMOs like Star Wars the Old Republic or Fallen Earth that you can play at no cost.

If you do decide to stick to console games, you should not be purchasing games at all. Renting games on Redbox is much cheaper. Better yet, you can join services like Gamefly, which allows you to rent games online and have them delivered to your home. Gamefly memberships are under $20 a month, and you can even obtain a Gamefly free trial if you’re interested in seeing what this video game rental service has to offer.

Finally, if you decide that you want to purchase games, there is no reason to pay full price. Plenty of sites, such as Glyde and Ebay will allow you to find lightly used games for 20 – 30% off the retail price. By using the techniques above, you can easily take part in hundreds of hours of video game entertainment at a fraction of the cost other games are spending.

Find out other ways to save money with free trials at


The pros and cons of ordering contact lenses on the Internet

Great deals at Lens.comThere are primarily two ways you can purchase contact lenses. The first way is to simply order them at the doctor’s office. In many cases, your doctor may even have your brand of lenses in stock, if you are purchasing a popular contact lens such as Acuvue Oasys. The other way is to order them on the Internet. In this article, I will look at the pros and cons of ordering your contacts from an online store.

First, let’s look at the advantages:

  1. Lower Price
    In most cases, an online store will offer more competitive prices than what you will pay if you purchased your contact lenses at the optometrist’s office. In addition, online stores run plenty of promotions and coupons that you can utilize to get great discounts. As an example, I used coupons recently to get a great deal on extended wear lenses.  To get the same coupons I got, check out these coupons.
  2. Convenience
    Since the lenses will be delivered to you, you will not need to make a special trip to the optometrist’s office to pick up your lenses. This can save you time and hassle.

Now, for the disadvantages:

  1. Wait time
    In most cases, you’ll have to wait 7-10 days for your lenses. If you buy them at the doctor’s case, you may be able to get them right away in some cases.
  2. You often need to pay for shipping
    Most contact lens stores require you to pay shipping costs. However, you can get around this by purchasing in large quantities. Some stores, such as, offers free shipping on all orders over a certain amount.

All things considered, I find that ordering contact lenses online is almost always the superior often. Just remember to make sure you take advantage of online coupons to get the best deals when you order your lenses. For more information, head over to


How to get a free trial

If you are interesting in joining a top-rated online dating website such as, you may first want to explore the option of getting a free trial first. I always think this is the best thing to do before signing up with a membership site, even if you feel pretty confident about the website you are signing up for. You never really know how good a site is until you start to use it.

In the case of, they offer a 3-day, 72-hour free trial that you can get. However, it is not always obvious how you can get this offer, so I have decided to outline the steps you need to follow in order to set up a free trial account with Match. If you already have a dating profile with, you will need to establish a new one in order to take advantage of this promotion.

1. Go to this free trial page offered by

2. Click the link on the page and sign up for if you are a brand new member.

3. If you have an old account with Match, you can easily just copy your profile and pics over to the new account.

Be sure to only join using the link above when you are sure you will have time to use the site. Remember, the trial is only 3 days, which is not exactly a lot of time. I recommend signing up on a Friday. That way, you will have the entire weekend to explore the site and communicate with people on the site.

In case you were wondering, the free trial allows you to create a profile, conduct searches, and most importantly, communicate freely with any other members on the site. That’s why it’s important to join at a time when you know you will have the opportunity to actively use the site.


A review of e-cigarettes

There are a ton of reasons to switch over to using e-cigs instead of regular tobacco cigarettes. For one thing, it’s considered to be much healthier for you, although this is something that some people will dispute. I however feel much better after making the switch, and have noticed my teeth are whiter, I cough less, and even my skin has improved. So that’s enough proof for me.

white cloud fling ecigsAnother reason e-cigarettes are a good idea is because they cost less. Sure, you need to buy batteries and cartridges, but when you do the actual math, you’ll find that you end up saving hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a month by using electronic cigarettes.

Last but not least, I find e-cigarettes to be more fun. You have many more flavors to choose from. If you enjoy the taste of tobacco, you can select many tobacco based flavors. On the other hand, there are other great flavors such as watermelon, coffee, chocolate, or vanilla if you want to try something different.

Choosing an e-cig can be a difficult process given that there is a learning curve to understanding what components you need. Granted, there are tons of highly complex e-cig setups, but I don’t think it’s necessary to over-complicate things. My opinion is that you should just get a starter kit. In most cases, they cost less than 40 dollars and will give you everything you need. Just about every e-cigarette manufacturer offers starter kits, but I like the ones from White Cloud. This company offers a line of high quality batteries and cartridges. The flavoring for the cartridge offered by White Cloud are quite nice, compared to a lot of other cartridges I have tried over the years. And I like their batteries because they seem to hold a charge much longer than the products offered by competitors.

All in all, I think White Cloud is a good company if you’re new to e-cigarettes and just want the basic components to get started. What’s also nice is that there are White Cloud coupons you can use to get an extra 10% off your order.

I hope you enjoy trying out e-cigarettes. You’ll save money and feel better, and that’s truly a win-win situation as far as I’m concerned.


How to maintain eye health

Can you imagine a life where you lose your vision? Most of us can’t but yet we do not do enough to protect our eye health. Fortunately, making sure our eyes are healthy is relatively easy, and goes hand-in-hand with other health tips. Here are some ways to make sure your eyes stay healthy:

1. Eat a well-balanced meal.
Fruits and vegetables contain lots of antioxidants that are good for your eyes, so make sure you get lots of both. Most experts will tell you that you should be getting at least 5 servings a day. Make sure you get a variety of fruits and vegetables as well. Carrots are known to be especially good for your eyes, thanks to all the beta carotene it contains.

2. Use sunglasses.
It’s important to protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays. A good pair of sunglasses will offer protection from both UVA and UVB rays. Make sure this is the case before you spend money on a pair of sunglasses.

3. If you wear contacts, take them out frequently.
I like to remove them every night. This gives your eyes a chance to breath and also prevents your eyes from becoming too dry.

4. Use only high quality contact lenses.
The newer contact lenses are more expensive but they also use the most advanced materials which are more comfortable for your eyes. If cost is an issue, consider buying your lenses over the Internet from reputable contact lens stores such as Use a promo code to get the best deals possible.

4. Consider supplements for eye health.Some supplements that are known to be good for your eyes are Lutein, Bilberry Extract, and Astaxanthin. You don’t have to go overboard with supplements since your body should be getting most of what it needs from a healthy diet. But if you suffer from an eye condition such as Iritis, you might want to take a few of the above supplements.

For information on how to get coupons and savings for contact lenses, go to


An Intelligent Strategy for Online Dating

online dating with
A large number of individuals steer clear of online dating services simply because they don’t feel like paying a monthly fee. Since memberships can range from $30 to $60 on a monthly basis, the fees obviously can mount up as time goes by. Should you be seeking to try online dating, but want to save some money as well, you will find a lot of good information here. This post will disclose some tactics for saving money on dating sites, and will also provide you with a free trial which is valid for a period of one week.

Though it does cost money to become a member with a dating site, many sites also allow you to join and create a profile at no cost. For the majority of dating sites, joining normally takes only a few minutes. I usually begin by just filling in basic information for my profile, recognizing that I can always return to it later to fill in more complete information. At this point, we aren’t so much serious about creating the perfect profile as we are in simply having an account so we are in a position to move forward and do some research.

One reason to create a free account is the fact that by doing so, you’ll gain the ability to surf the site and observe other individuals profiles. Using this method, you should get some idea regarding what sort of members a particular dating service appeals to. In some instances, you might discover that the service you are signed up with doesn’t have the sort of people you desire to communicate with. In that case, you can simply check out a different service.

On the other hand, in the event that the site does include members that you are attracted to, then you can stick around and continue browsing other members without charge, until you discover an individual you truly wish to get in contact with. This is an ideal time to get a free trial coupon like the free trial so that you can begin communicating with another member at no cost. There have been instances when I had a free account at a site for several weeks before I at long last enrolled in a free trial and became more engaged.

This procedure is wonderful because you may save lots of money initially since you will not pay for subscription dues until you are all set to communicate, and then be capable of obtaining some free time via a free trial campaign. If you get the free trial below, you will in fact get the whole first week of your subscription free:


Helpful tips for Dating Online

If you’ve never tried it, dating on the internet may seem overwhelming. Do not worry, however, because it all does become much simpler once you actually give it a try. It has been almost ten years since I first checked out internet dating myself. Even though there is no secret to dating success, you will discover that there’s certain basic things you have to do to get good results. We are going to cover several important issues in this article.

The first thing to do is fairly clear – you must select a online dating service to join. You should not choose a website randomly because so much of your success depends on the kind of site you’re using. Jot down what exactly your objectives are, since this will help you pick a site. For instance, if you wish to merely date casually, you shouldn’t sign up for a site where people are trying to find a potential marriage. You have to take a look at yourself, determine what you want, then look for the most appropriate dating site based on that.

When selecting a dating site, be sure you examine the kind of user experience is common for that site. A little bit of research at this stage can spare you some headaches later. At this juncture, you should start getting your hands on different photos of yourself. If you can’t obtain a picture you like, you can take a new one. Make sure you use a high quality camera instead of a camera on your mobile phone. The most favorable scenario, as you likely know, is to have a professional take a photo of you.

Although it will cost you more money, you will have a much better picture by doing this. It is acceptable to post pictures in which you are with other individuals, however, you ought to avoid using photographs that show people from previous relationships. Some people do this, but most dating coaches will tell you this is not a good idea. When you have your photos prepared, create the written portion of the profile and post the photos.

Take some time writing your profile. The best way to generate some good ideas for your profile is by looking at other people’s profiles. Now that you have your profile in place, it is time to get into action. It is difficult to estimate how long people must be on a site before getting some results.

Unfortunately, there is a false impression that dating online is quick and easy. This is not necessarily true, and you must be persistent and put in the time necessary to get acquainted with other individuals. If you’re serious about internet dating, you should be spending time on a dating site nearly every day. So those are the basic principles. A good site to try if you are new to online dating is You can obtain a free trial from The reason I recommend is because it’s a popular site that is easy enough to use, even for newbies.

We’ve covered a lot of ground in this article. But truth be told, we’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg. In order to expand your understanding about online dating, I highly recommend reading as much as possible on the subject. Visit as many web sites as you can and talk to as many people as possible. I hope the information provided here is good enough to get you going on your online dating venture.